Let’s make all our dreams come true together!
■ I want to get into college!
■ I want to work at a job where I use English!
■ I want to study abroad!
■ I want to make friends from countries all over the world! Or other reasons…


By increasing knowledge of vocabulary used through textbook study while learning and discussing different topics, students become capable at daily conversation in English. Recently on high school and College entrance examination, listening test requirements have become more difficult. Gaining listening power and practicing quick comprehension of what is being said is indispensably important. By speaking and working with our veteran foreign teachers your English ability will sky rocket!

Junior high school, and high school students 1 lesson per week 50 minutes


■ I want to succeed at finding a job!
■ I want a promotion or to raise my status through greater English ability!
■ I want to study abroad!
■ I want to make friends from countries all over the world! Or other reasons…

⇒For those who can come weekly at a specified time.
 Regular Class
⇒For those who would like one on one lessons
 Private Lesson 

Keio Academy will support you!

■Class Level Guide

Elementary Level Beginner to Eiken 3rd Level TOEIC Score 340 or less
Intermediate Level Eiken 2nd Level TOEIC Score 450 or more
Advanced Level Eiken 1st Level TOEIC Score 680 or more

■Regular Class

By increasing their knowledge of vocabulary through textbook study while learning and discussing various topics, students become capable at daily conversation in English.
In the elementary class, a Japanese teacher will teach students the fundamentals of daily conversation. This is designed so students can attain a level where they can speak with foreigners.
Of course, we offer the option of being taught by a veteran foreign teacher for this class as well!
For intermediate and advanced classes students will be taught by a foreign teacher. Newspapers, magazines, and other articles will be studied along with topics about recent events. The class is designed so students may increase and maintain their speaking ability.

Regular class One lesson/week 50 minutes

■Private Lesson

I’d like to increase my listening ability with private lessons.
Before going abroad, I’d like to improve my business English.
I’d like to take lessons where I can focus completely on preparation for tests and other goals.
A Using a custom made curriculum fitting your specific goals and level, you’ll be able to acquire comprehensive English ability.

Private Lesson 1 lesson 50 minutes

*Higher numbers of lessons and special plans can be arranged on request.

TOEIC(Test of English for International Communication) is a standard and internationally recognized test measuring one’s English and communication ability.


◆ Promotion, Status Increase
◆ Changing your occupation
◆ Reference for entrance examinations
◆ Checking one’s personal English level
◆ Getting college credits

And myriad other goals that can be accomplished through this test. Domestically, more and more examinees are taking the test than ever before.
At Keio Academy the TOEIC IP Test is given twice per year(On Saturday on the third week of March and September).
The TOEIC IP test is required by many corporations and organizations.


Also, Keio Academy is an official testing center for the Eiken. It is given twice a year in June and October. We recommend it for all Keio students!


KIDs: Summer Camp

サマースクール At the English Summer Camp for elementary school students held August at Keichiku Fureai no Ie, 10 foreign teachers with 53 student campers had an incredible time despite a nasty heat wave! Fortunately, the camp was free of accidents and had great events like a camp fire, ice cream making, a slider pool, hiking, and many, many more! After three days of with a full schedule of fun and exciting events, living and eating alongside foreign teachers, and speaking English, students really became young world citizens!

Angel: Summer School

サマースクール Students were able to cook delicious and incredibly cute pancakes with their foreign teachers.  Not to mention getting to play in a slider pool with fishing! It was a total blast!


KIDs: Halloween

ハロウィン In America, the second biggest event next to Christmas is Haloween! Dressing up as witches, ghosts, black cats, or even their favorite anime characters and sports players, students wore wonderfully unique costumes while shouting "Trick or Treat!" The best part: getting lots of candy!

KIDs & Angel: Christmas Presentation

Students do a presentation showing the results of their hard work from their everyday lessons. In front of their friends, family, and many others, students sing songs, do short skits, and other activities... All in English!